10 pointers increase traffic to website

If your company's web site has a very nice design, very convenient and rich content that attracted many users, try over 10 "Chian" here.

Travis: "Self nomination"

A lot of people have and are just concept that they make good content and design on the Web is the web user is automatically "pulled to the traffic jams traffic jams".

If you also have to think like this, review the case of Susan Boyle. Nike Air Huarache Dame even though there is a "Golden voice" but can Susan will forever only an "ugly old lady" at the age of 47 in an unnamed village in the UK without Internet. The site of you too, let yourself search to the users and gives them a peace of mind when visiting your website by the very popular features like: Add option to "bookmark" or "favorites" (features more favorite Web pages) to the next user can easily search to. And yet, at the end of each article, please add the "button" as the "email this" (send this article by email) or "Share this" (share this article with your friends) or with a sharing tools like Digg, Buzz, or similar services in Vietnam as linkhay, tagvn, vnbookmark … (see also: the Digg effect in Vietnam).

Please continue to "attack" the reader with a general news week in that brief outline the most prominent news have posted on your site and automatically move to the mailbox of the readers through the service newsletter (newsletter: periodic synthesis).

Join the the comments on forums, blogs or online social network and cited or proved by the links (links) to the article on your site. Nike FS Lite Run Goedkoop but remember don't "cause enemies to drug resentment" by spamming her website address on the address.

Please include the web address to your email signature, in your Twitter account, Facebook, in the blog …. or in short as all your online accounts. Nike Air Max 1 Dames Please encourage staff in the same company as that and form a tradition or culture of the business.

Zhao Monday: Don't wait for the "he" Google

Be the first! Don't wait for Google search to you that automatically submit your site to Google and all the other search engines that you know and can.

Zhao Tuesday: Please post useful articles

This may sound redundant but also need to say more. Please try to have these articles has compelling content on a regular basis to keep readers constantly come back to you. Let's have a calendar published periodically by the scheduling tool, timed publication to not need to wake up real soon that still has new articles updated.

Please pay attention to the big title of every article and make use of the simple tag but the impression to the reader as well as attractive help them easily find you. Nike AIR Max 2017 Dames Zhao Wednesday: need a few key collaborators

Find a few people who have the ability to write good major problems on your website and invite them to continue to contribute articles or participate in regularly.

Zhao Thursday: Let's make the most of technology

Insert the slideshow in posts or be friendly with content slideshow will make the reader more interested

Don't expect a full text-only web page (whether it is or to those) can be compelling reading. Use images, video, slideshow or the type of media to express content.

Zhao Friday: Link and tag

Please put the links (links) to other websites in your article and suggest the other forum, website, blog link against you. Air Max 2015 Zwart Rood Goedkoop another solution is to register your website with the General Services web or blog.

Please use the "tail" (tag) in the title (title), in the article content to optimize search engine that helps you the most conspicuous. HitTail is one of the services to help you build a "House" by keywords (key word). Don't forget the picture, named the artwork in each article is also a very important keywords help you "always highlights" in the eyes of search engines.

Zhao Saturday: Let's stick with readers

Please answer very soon and directly with the email or the comments of readers. Nike Free Run 3 Goedkoop even a real short email is also a really good boot for 2-way dialogue. Make regular, recurring or organize the polls Reader comments. Regular monitoring and analysis of the statistical parameters is also a good measure. Can you join a few services to synchronize content such as BlogBurst.

8th: Chian Please provide RSS

FeedBurner and FeedDemon is 2 address help you initialize this service quite good.

Zhao: think "global scope"

The Internet is a global environment, don't ever forget that. And even though your website only provides local information, you can still attract web users in other countries so please do not "lock" yourself. Expand the content to other topics, different perspectives and if your website has more foreign language version is better.

Zhao Wednesday 10: don't forget the real world

Although the website of the world you live in "virtual" but it can't leave the real world and work to increase your traffic.

Zhao Tuesday… "11": Please be patient