Pull you into the website

Pull on the website, as well as goods and other means, to the website of the company you are known to marketing, promoting it. The company's web page is not the right expertise in the content but also to the "professionalism" of design and know how to entice guests to view. Nike Air Max Tavas Goedkoop here is some "tips" were introduced in London Internet Journal last time:

The content is … God!

top 15 Tips remind you how the web is like opening the shop, always ask yourself:

1. On the web there's nothing strange, nothing needs to be stopped. 2. The difference of the web "just dropped in" web page and makes people right on the daily fresh information is new, refreshing way. 3. Must have the uniqueness of content and form, if Miss "copy" the idea of people having to prove himself made better. 4. Always find out who are the audience into, check something. 5. The website needs to have the search function so that visitors can search data. This is a remarkable feature that a newspaper in a company brochure or want to do also bundle! 6. Don't brag is your site has everything. Just for information and his real ability. 7. Nike Free Run 2 Goedkoop Please open and to the readily available tool for people to find information themselves. Make people curious to learn rather than need presentation right out of all. 8. Regularly updated information. 9. Fresh new info not only the words but also the image. Many website for this image change to create novelty. 10. Open the category news for your company and always updated information. 11. News on the website not only information but also to make sense of consumer education, business, especially electronic commerce. 12. The name of the website is also a sort of brand. Name or impressive, easy to remember, and remember to avoid copyright disputes. 13. The information related to the user should be viewed. It's great if people on the web do not only see the goods, but also services showtimes, upcoming event information, weather, exchange rates, the price of gold. 14. Consult the user, including the referendum by voting. However must weigh whether the information was leaked to allow rivals to grasp his ideas. 15. Long long need to have a "happy hour" or "happy day" to stimulate the visitor visited your website. The web regularly for taking "the pagoda" some software or subscribe to not lose money a information.

The more "free" as possible

16. Open a free e-mail account on the company's web site is an initiative or have been with Hotmail, Yahoo! … successfully applied. Nike Air Max 90 Bloemen Dame, of course, there's "Temple" for e-mail, there is one more reason why people should use regularly. 17. In addition, the free space for customers to put their site up its web stations. It is also a way of "wholesale, sale have ward"! 18. A further proposal is on your company web stations are always the service as a free ISP (provide data, software, design, consulting … ). Now banks can also open network market and invest in the Internet business as an ISP. 19. To add a "pagoda" is providing electronic greeting cards. One of the places for non-software as a service web station is electronic greeting cards of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. 20. The software is also a type of promotional gifts on the net is very unpopular. What options need to select gifts for purpose and audience. For example, the company of furniture for home design software, software for the textile company collection of fashion … 21. Games are also a free dish is welcome. Let's create one more reason very pragmatic and innocent for returning guests, why not? 22. Just like the supermarket, now applied to both the calculation point gifts for guests to use. Could this experience at www.ipoints.co.uk or www.beenz.com.

Art form and technical aspects

23. Time is gold and silver, don't make the viewer wait a minute longer to see the site face enough to show up. Want, don't take too many pictures, sound … to the web, because they constitute a very large capacity. Each web page should not exceed 60 Kb. 24. Responsible for web page scene boys logo, banner advertising. The Viewer does not have much time, ad pictures just makes people have to wait long when access has just cause feelings of boredom, discomfort. Each web page should just have one or two banner placed at the top and bottom of the page. Can add 5 logo ads placed in the location not overwhelms the content. 25. A general advice: the web is considered appealing to is where the user steps into the quickest, fastest, most correct choice. According to the experience of the web Channel 4, after a time, it was decided to minimize even the toolbar, by people to have learned quickly where they need to, don't need much guidance. 26. Create more the new browser window. The technique allows right on a web page, you can create a content box to show up at the same time. One can use this box to promote a service or new facilities. 27. Have the tool links (links) to other websites. 28. Have stuff to talk by text online interaction (chat). Two or more people can talk at the same time the network about a product or business intentions. 29. Has the forum. This can manifest as a client mailbox. 30. Equipped to record media on the web (web cam). 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.