The term web traffic

To assess the level of popularity of a site, it is often based on the data on traffic, link level and many other factors, and then rank it. Similarly, when we heard the announcement on the website A few million hits every month, each month B 1-2 million website visitors (visitor) are the stats from the rank is often used as Google PageRank, Alexa … or from the stats (statistics) of the website.

In particular, pageview, hit, impression … is the term used to designate the website traffic figures, also known as web traffic. Nike Air Max 2014 Dame Through these metrics, web master (webmaster) will know quite a lot of information about the visitor, the pages the visitor has viewed. Nike Air Max 2015 Goedkoop very detailed depending on the function that the stats (statistics) collected.

The following are the commonly used term is often used to talk about the traffic:

A tip to increase the hit often use is to delete the cache (cache) of the browser and reload the page again, the number hit will be added. Air Max 2015 Zwart Blauw Goedkoop although of very large usually hit but not be respected when traffic statistics and not the numbers expressing web traffic. -Hit: the number of hits a website is usually a large number. Nike Air Max 90 PRM I Dame each file is sent to your browser by a web server to be counted as 1 hit.

More specifically, we will try to calculate the number of hit if click on 1 site has 20 photos in the background (anhnen.gif, anh-tren-cung.gif, anh-chuyển-sắc.gif, …) be downloaded then it is first hit 20. Next, the site also contains 10 images (saigon.jpg, cantho.gif …), we made another 10 hit. The end part of the image, we have to count to the CSS files, Javascript, Flash (swf or flv), HTML. each file corresponds to 1 hit. Nike Free 5.0 V4 Goedkoop so each when 1 the site is loaded, the system can count more than 50 hit up the components of the content on the site.

-Pageview: this is the only term that calculates the number of times a page is viewed. When 1 visitors viewing the home page of the website, it is counted as 1 pageview. With her guests, view next page contact, there is also 1 pageview. Every time the view 1 page (1 pageview), visitors will generate more hits.

Want to on average each has created website visitors how much we get pageview total pageview divided by the total number of visitors (visitor).

-Impression: the term is just the number of occurrences of an element (text, image, video) on 1 site. Impression is often used in the package of services marketing (advertising) and is calculated by each 1,000 packages.

-Visit and Unique Visitor: here are 2 important figure when the website traffic statistics. Website popularity is that many website visitors (visit) and visitors (unique visitor). Each visitor (unique visitor) generate more visitor (visit), impression, pageview and hit.

The website will recognize visitors through cookies or IP address in the range of time is usually 24 hours. In about 24 hours, if the same visitor returned to the site, the countdown (statistics) will record the visitor (visit).

A note is in a local area network (LAN), many machines have the same IP address as the same browser web, only 1 is counted as 1 visitor (unique visitor) and many visits (visit).

A statistical table of examples from Google Analytics statistics service

The traffic data is usually only by the webmaster through the system (statistics) is installed onto a web server. More statistics from free to trade with many of the features of professional statistics such as web browser type/version and operating system of visitors, where they come from, search the web through keywords to the search engines.

Here are the important parameters help webmasters can edit the web strategy, marketing …