To increase accessibility for your website?

In fact, accessibility can reduce costs and bring in profits. So why not find out how to access your site be better?

8 tips to create access for your website today, executives and experts are aware that web accessibility is the main factor that increases traffic, and that is also a problem that anyone should care. Please note that the ability to access different computer Add-ons! The utility easy interaction on the interface and content easy to read, the ability to access many related back to the flow of visitors. Why is accessibility important? In General, every web site needs to meet the tastes and needs. In addition to the regular group of people who use the internet then also need the website match: Group of people have low vision computer users Group has a low profile Group who use different browsers according to statistical data, the world has about 20% of people in the group. Furthermore, the text should also always available to all users without being too dependent on their access (Browse by computer, telephone or voice browser) or from the outside of the agent environment (too much light or noise). One of the reasons why the ability to access back to consider the search speed is information that people care about. The language is a problem that should be of interest. Because not every visitor is able to fully understand the language on your site. Nike Air Max 1 Heren Song, in fact, the ability to access can reduce costs and bring in profits. Air Max Thea Goedkoop so why not find out how to access your site be better?

8 tips to create access Make "optimal" HTML using HTML is one of the most important features in order to increase accessibility to the website. Nike AIR Max 2017 Zwart Song, the problem is not simply. Need to account for the different browser types, both the old version and the new version, brought out the "optimal" HTML. Nike Air Max 2015 Goedkoop To ensure your HTML text correctly, you can use specialized programs such as: W3C HTML Validator or WDG HTML Validator to allow you to edit the typos can make that you don't recognize. Be cautious with many other programs affirm can optimally be HTML.–> Let's attract the "optimal" HTML. On the other hand, you use the HTML is not only beautiful but also to give emphasis to the structure and the content on the web instead of just expressing outward. (For example, you typically use the bold feature to attract not only the eyes but also to mark a statement, an idea, a problem. You can use the elements EM or STRONG to express emphasis. Use the ALT tag in the form of text relating to the images, when using IMG and AREA you should also provide ALT tags to choose from; its purpose is to make the function more than just to describe. However, if you want a decorative image and use ALT = ' ' ' ' to know no image content. Do not replace text with images

Selection of image replacement text often reduces the accessibility of a web design. In General, the text more flexible in providing the ability to choose the font for the user. The result is that failure to do so will lead to poor picture quality for some computer hardware configuration.

The color suggestions

  1. Don't forget to specify the properties of all colors because they may affect the ability to access a website. Nike Air Max 90 Mid NO SEW Heren identifying a base number systems is 16 (hexadecimal) under the form of <#rrggbb> or <#RRGGBB> almost vital importance because there are also older browsers do not support color names.
  2. You should be sensitive when choosing the color of your text so that it is easy to read and need to have a clear contrast with the background color.
  3. They recommended that: do not use the same color for the link has been clicked the mouse with the links not yet clicked the mouse because of confusion for users.

Please use the appropriate Font size

The font is an important factor when it comes to HTML because it increases the possibility of access to the website. Please make sure that your website allowing the user may change the font size to fit. And you don't just try to focus on the FONT but also to pay attention to the content.

Don't be so "depends on" javascript some browsers don't support Java scripts, so sometimes it's better if you don't use it. Although Java scripts often considered the factors that increase the accessibility and gives users the useful tips. So, things to note are:

  1. Please ensure that Java scripts have the ability to access
  2. Be ready with a browser does not support Java script.

Organize your website

  • Please ensure that your web site has a content structure is clear and logical.
  • Please organize the links so that the logic and efficiency, make users easier access to the link they want.
  • CSS can be a reliable concept to emphasize the link format text and make users look to be more visible.
  • Site map, search box or the logo is also the factor of a website has the ability to access.
  • Check the amount of users on the web site is a good way to analyze the possibility of access and predictions of traffic to the site.