Learn about static and dynamic web site

The static website is the website only covers static web pages and do not have the accompanying database. Nike Roshe Run dynamic Web Goedkoop is the term used to refer to the database and website are supported by the web development software. 1. Static Web-site static is usually built in languages HTML, DHTML, …-static web site often used to design pages with less content to change and update. -Static Website is the website only covers static web pages and do not have the accompanying database. Nike Air Max Flyknit Heren-static Website suitable for individuals, organizations, small and medium business novice Internet environment. Static page static website and contains the basic advantages and disadvantages below. * Basic advantages: beautiful graphics design: static Web Pages often present dramatic and dynamic web page more about the graphic arts section because we can complete freedom to present the idea of the graphic and fine art across an area of each site is static. Air Max 2016 Flyknit Goedkoop-fast access speed: the speed of the user's access to the static web page faster than the dynamic web page does not lose time in the query to the database as the web page. -More friendly to the search engines (search engine): because the URL of the .htm, .html, … in the static web page does not contain the question mark (?) as in web. -Low investment costs: construction costs much lower than the static website website for not building the database, website and software programming costs for the rental of space for the database, the required cost of compatible operating system (if available). Nike AIR Max 2017 Heren * Basic drawbacks:-difficulties in changing and updated information: want to change and update the content of the static website information You need to know about html, the language used was the graphic design program and web design as well as the updated program files onto the server. -Information no flexibility, non-user-friendly: because of static web content is designed static, as demand for the information of visitors increases the static website information will not meet. -Difficult to integrate, upgrade, expansion: When to expand, upgrade a static website almost have to refresh the website. 2. Dynamic website-Web is the term used to refer to the database and website are supported by the web development software. -With dynamic website, information show called out from a database when a user queries to a site. The web page is sent to the browser including the text, images, sounds or the number or data in tabular or in many other forms. Such a basic application you can function as a tool of trade electronics (an online store) for display on the website product catalogue or inventory tracking, when an item is delivered, immediately the page relevant to that product reflects this change. The website database can perform the function of transmitting and processing information between business-business. -Dynamic website is often developed by advanced programming languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, CGI, Perl, and using relational databases such as Access, strong My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2,-information on the dynamic website always new because it's easy to be regularly updated through your use of the tools of the web management software. Nike AIR Max 2017 Dames Zwart Wit always up-to-date information in a database and Internet users can view the Edit immediately. So the website is supported by the database are the fastest communication with Internet users. Air Max 2015 Goedkoop is obvious Thing Wit the website is regularly updated to attract more customers to visit the web site at least change the information. Dynamic Web-interactive with the user. With the web, you can easily administer the contents of its website and run through the software support that not necessarily you need to have certain knowledge about html, web programming languages, You can also see the issue as other aspects: for example you have available the database as a database product personnel, clients, or any database that you want to put more into the web interface to internal users or Internet users are able to use the program with just your web browser. -All e-commerce websites, trade networks, the largest information network, the website of the Organization, the business of professional activity on the Net are using web technologies.